I don’t have a fancy e-commerce site.  I like to work personally with each whistle player to make their whistle to their specifications.

NOTE: Due to new CITES regulations, I will no longer be able to internationally ship whistles made from any species of Rosewood (Dalbergia genus) after Janury 2, 2017. Instruments shipped within the US are not affected as of now.

CITES is an international treaty designed to stop international commerce in endangered species, animal or plant. The same rules that limit transport of Ivory internationally will now apply to the Dalbergia genus too. Dalbergia includes some 300 species, including some of my favorites such as Cocobolo, African Blackwood, Tulipwood and all of the Rosewoods. While I’ll be sorry to limit shipping of whistles made from these woods, I understand and applaud the reasons behind the ban.

Note also that CITES will apply to ANY item, old or new, that contains ANY of the regulated woods. This means that if you want to take your vintage mandolin which has a Rosewood fingerboard to another country, it could be confiscated. Beware!
For information on CITES, see https://www.cites.org/

The price for whistles in D and Eb is $300 USD
Whistles in C or “D+” are $315 USD

Shipping within the US is $15 ( Priority mail, fully insured). For orders outside the US, I will charge whatever the actual shipping cost is if that is greater than $15.

Personal checks or money orders are preferable for United States orders.  PayPal is also acceptable although they charge me a 3% fee that I’d just as soon keep.  For international orders, PayPal is the only method of payment accepted.  For all PayPal orders, do not try to order directly via PayPal.  Contact me and I will tell you how to make payment.
I hope I can make a whistle for you.

Please contact me by e-mail to pick your favorite wood and metal fittings.


Paul Busman
Busman Whistles
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